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Research program

The KŌDŌ project has a three-fold objective related to issues raised by the remarkable existence of kōdō.



Philosophy of Smell: Chantal JAQUET
The first objective is anthropological and philosophical in nature, and is related to cultural diversity. One can and should wonder why an art of fragrance has developed in such a remarkable manner in Japan and why there hasn't been an equivalent art form anywhere else. How do we make sense of the emergence of an art that is so refined, when the sense of smell is considered to be crude and underdeveloped in the West? (To know more click here)



Neurophysiological correlates: Didier TROTIER

The second objective is based on neurophysiological point of view. The questions comes form the observation of their way of perceiving odours and their sensitivity to odours, to their nuances, and to memorization them. What are the particularities of this art in the neurophysiological points of view? What kinds of sensibilities develop with practicing this art? What are the brain processes involved during perception and smell learning? (To know more click here)



Sense of smell and artistic practices: Roland SALESSE

The third objective deals with the place of the Sense of smell in artistic practices. Considering the cultural diversity and the perceptive differences, is it possible to envisage the export or the transposition of the Japanese olfactory art in other countries and to conceive similar artistic practices? In other words, how could the Koh-do be considered as a paradigm to think about the emergence of a contemporary olfactory art ? (To know more click here)



We think that these three objectives are necessary for understanding the whole process of the olfactory creation and perception.