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Roland Salesse's initial formation was agronomy engineer. Former research director in Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, he now has the mission to develop scientific culture. For ten years, he was the director of the laboratory Neurobiologie de l'Olfaction in the INRA research centre of Jouy-en-Josas.


During these last years, Roland Salesse has been busy with a new generation of bio-electronic noses. This sensors would be able to detect diseases by their odour. Although cancer detecting dogs have been reported, the olfactory diagnosis of diseases is neither popular nor taught. Recent scientific papers have dealt with this topics, opening the way to new developments. These techniques are likely to flourish as they combine the low cost of silicium technology with handy molecular biology, at the difference of expensive and sophisticated current clinical instruments.


Besides his studies, Roland Salesse promoted chemical senses research. This is why he animated the AROMAGRI Club , which gather most of the French scientists on olfaction and taste. This is a place wher reflection and incentive on future topics are discussed. In 2011, he will edit a book on chemical senses and their industrial and agronomical issues.


Lastly, concerning scientific culture, Roland Salesse's activity was directed toward "olfactory théâtre", a small domain in art, but where smell is a usually forgotten sensory dimension. He participated in the creation of two "scientific" theatre plays, and now turns to the study of its emotional and aesthetic impact on the spectators thanks to the Kodo program.